Smart controller for sorting material for vibratory devices. The controller is equipped with an integrated solenoid valve and an optical sensor to efficiently sort material. The controller includes two optical sensors capable of identifying properly oriented material in a specific position. Compressed air from the integrated solenoid valve then efficiently separates all material that is not properly oriented. This solution enables accurate material sorting based on the colour or shape of individual parts. The controller serves as an add-on for material classification for SDVC 31, SDVC 33 and SDVC 34 series controllers.

Controller functions include:

  • Solenoid valve switch counter
  • Dual ON/OFF sensor control
  • Automatic switch sensor type detection
  • Control output type
  • DC control output
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Short circuit protection

Smart controller models with optical sorting sensor:

  • SDVS30