Smart controllers with automatic variable frequency. The controllers have a unique feature that enables automatic regulation of the output voltage or frequency based on the weight sensor. They are able to automatically find the resonant frequency of the vibratory feeder, which in practice ensures the maintenance of a stable feed speed when the volume of parts in the vibratory feeder changes. These controllers are particularly possible for parts where there is a change in speed as a result of the emptying or filling of the vibratory feeder.

Controller functions include:

  • Automatic constant feed rate control: Output voltage is adjusted in real time to maintain the constant pre-set feed rate regardless of workpiece weight changes.
  • Automatic frequency adjustment: The controller adjusts the output frequency in real time to ensure the optimal resonant frequency of the load.
  • Automatic resonance frequency identification. The controller Identifies and sets the resonant frequency of the load and the relevant related parameters.
  • Counting: The number of workpieces is counted and the controller slows or stops when a pre-defined value is reached (available on the SDVC34MRJ model).
  • Automatic switch sensor type detection: The controller recognises and adapts to PNP and NPN type sensors.
  • Synchronisation output: The output waveform of the slave controller is synchronised with the waveform of the master controller to the same frequency and phase, eliminating the beat effect.

Overvoltage protection:

  • digital protection against overheating,
  • overcurrent protection,
  • resettable short-circuit protection.

Smart variable frequency controller models:

  • SDVC34-MR
  • SDVC34-MRJ
  • SDVC34-XLR
  • SDVC34